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UPDATE: Amur Tiger Cubs Thriving at Nordens Ark


Born on April 12, three Amur Tiger cubs at Sweden’s Nordens Ark are thriving. The cubs recently sat for a quick photo shoot.  In the video, two of the cubs were tuckered out, but the third cub had other ideas! 

Photo Credit: Tom Svensson


The two-and-a-half-week-old cubs were born to mother Sparta and remain with her in the birthing den for now.  Honan continues to provide excellent maternal care for her offspring.  The family will move onto public display sometime this summer.  You can see the cubs’ first baby pictures here

Amur Tigers are also known as Siberian Tigers.  They are native to the far northeastern regions of Russia and are the largest of the six living Tiger subspecies.  With only 400 individuals remaining in the wild, zoo-born animals like these three cubs are increasingly important to the survival of the species.