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On Wednesday April 3, at 3:55 pm, the Houston Zoo's four and a half year old Nyala antelope named Ginger went into labor.  By 4:02, the healthy baby boy had already kicked his way out of his mom and onto the ground, making this one of the fastest deliveries seen by staff.  The baby was very quick to get on his feet and to begin nursing and even to start exploring his new world.

The new baby has yet to be named, but he is now spending afternoons in the newly constructed west hoof run exhibit at the Houston Zoo with the entire Nyala antelope family.  Please stop by the new west hoof run exhibit to see our newest addition to the family.

A word of caution though, Nyala antelope like to “stash” their babies so that predators in the wild would not find them.  So if you don’t see him running around chasing his bigger brother, then you may have to look deep into some of the foliage we have in the exhibit for a glimpse of him.

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Photo Credit: Stephanie Bledsoe-Adams/Houston Zoo

This is the second birth for mom Ginger and for dad Niles.  Their first offspring, a boy named Cashew, was born July 14th 2012