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Two young Polar Bear cubs have been winning over the crowds at Zoo Brno in the Czech Republic. Although they were born over four months ago on November 24th, the public have just recently been able to catch glimpses of this playful duo, as they have only been on display for the past two weeks. 

The pair, a boy and a girl, were born to mother Cora. She has certainly had her paws full trying to keep a watch on the rambunctious siblings. They are very active and seem to have taken a liking to harassing their mother. They have not yet received names as the zoo is allowing the public to have a say in that decision through a poll on their website. Currently, the name "Nanuk" is in the lead for the little boy, and "Bella" is the lead for his sister. You can make your voice heard in the naming HERE.



Photo credit: Zoo Brno

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