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New Baby Killer Whale Makes It Ten at SeaWorld San Diego

Whale baby solo

SeaWorld San Diego's Killer Whale mom Kasatka, estimated to be 37 years old, gave birth on Valentines Day to a healthy calf at Shamu Stadium under the watchful eyes of SeaWorld’s zoological team members. The birth marked the sixth successful killer whale to be born at SeaWorld San Diego. Kasatka and her new baby were swimming together in the show pool that very day. And DNA testing recently revealed that it's a boy! That makes SeaWorld’s Killer Whales to ten -- five males and five females.

Killer whale gestation is between 17 and 18 months long, and Kasatka’s took the full 18 months. Calves typically weigh between 300 and 350 pounds and measure between 6 and 7 feet at birth. The park’s zoological team members report that mother and baby continue to do well, with the calf nursing regularly from the start. Trainers and veterinarians continue a 24-hour watch on the whales to assure their health and well being. 

In the mean time, he’s not only spending time with his brother and sister (Kalia and Nakai), but he's also swimming with Corky, Shouka and Orkid. And he’s already learned to swim upside down, proving himself to be a bit of a show-boat!!! The plan is to introduce him to the others - Ulises, Keet and Ike -- in the near future. 

Whale w fam

Whale baby swims w mom

Whale baby and mom

Photo Credit: All photos: SeaWorld San Diego, Photo 1, 2: Mike Aguilera

See more pictures of the baby Killer Whale swimming with Mom and the rest of the whale family after the fold.

Whale size

Whale babe from below

Whale size 2

Whale baby swims