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Haku the White River Otter Takes a Stroll

Otter CU pouch

The Sunshine City Aquarium, located at the top of a high rise building in the heart of Tokyo, has a very special resident in Haku, a four month old female River Otter. Weighing about 3 pounds (1.36 kg), little Haku, whose name means white, greets visitors for a portion of the day from her backpack-like pouch or while on a leash with a little harness. If that weren't unique enough, Haku is unusual in that her fur has stayed so light. By this time in their growth, a River Otter's fur would have already turned black.

It's not hard to see why Haku, with her little face and whiskers, natural curiosity and bursts of energy, charms all who see her. Since she is still too young to join the seven other otters on exhibit at the Aquarium, she serves as a great ambassador for her species as she walks around for visitors to see up close.

A Japanese blogger who recently visited Haku in person captured her in these pictures, and you can watch her in action in a video below!

Otter 2.1

Otter side

Otter keeper
Photo Credit:Blogger Beginner ++

Watch as Haku takes a stroll with her keeper around the Aquarium to visit her neighbors.