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Tamarin hero

Christmas Eve 2012 at Banham Zoo, UK, brought two little Emperor Tamarin twins!

Emperor Tamarins are ususally born in pairs. In tamarins and their close relatives the marmosets, the mother nurses her offspring but it is the father who carries them. The pair's older offspring may also help. These twins enjoy riding on their father and an older brother. 

The twins are beginning to explore and venture away from the family in short bursts. They were especially curious about the photographer, but soon ran back to cling to dad. 

Tamarin 1

Tamarin 3

Photo Credits: Banham Zoo

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  Tamarin 2

Emperor Tamarins are named for the German emperor Wilhelm II because of their of their long, white "moustaches".  They are New World monkeys, living in the tropical rainforest along the Amazon River in Peru, Brazil and Bolivia. These tiny monkeys are primarily arboreal, spending most of their time in trees. Typically living in groups of four, with three males and one female, they forage together and announce their territories with loud calls. They eat mainly fruit, but also catch insects and nibble on twigs and branches. 

The IUCN Red List of Endangered Species lists Emperor Tamarins as a species of least concern, meaning that their populations are common and widespread. However, their status may need to be revisited as deforestation begins to affect their rainforest habitat.