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You’ve met Nestor, the male Lion Cub born at Zoo Antwerp on August 29, on the pages of Zooborns before:  once when he was first introduced to the public, and again when he was learning to navigate waterways in his exhibit.  Now, Nestor is learning about a new natural phenomenon:  snow!



Photo Credits:  Zoo Antwerp

Nestor’s mother Maouli is always nearby to guide the brave little Lion in his explorations, but he seems determined to learn on his own.  But even courageous cubs need to check in frequently with mom just to be on the safe side.

Now five months old, Nestor is the only male lion remaining at Zoo Antwerpen.  Nestor’s father, Victor, died recently from age-related conditions.  Victor was nearly 19 years old and seemed to enjoy the affections of his young offspring.   Like Victor, Nestor will one day be an important part of the conservation breeding program for African Lions, which are in decline in their native African home. 

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