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Conchetta, a Cotton-Top Tamarin at Australia's Alma Park Zoo who survived a kidnapping two years ago, has become a mother to twin babies.

In 2010, Conchetta and her mate Tonta were stolen from the zoo.  Tragically, Tonta was killed. Conchetta remained missing for four months but was eventually returned to the zoo.  She was paired with a new mate, Manny, and when Conchetta had a single baby last year she was dubbed the "Miracle Monkey" by local media.  Then in November of 2012, Conchetta had twins.  Twins are common in Cotton-Top Tamarins.


Photo Credit:  Alma Park Zoo

At birth, the babies were only about three inches (7 cm) long.  They spent nearly all their time clinging to Conchetta's back or nursing.  They are just beginning to explore their surroundings.  

Cotton-Top Tamarins are native to a tiny portion of northern Colombia, where they inhabit mature rain forests.  They are considered to be one the world's 25 most endangered primates, due to intense logging, argiculture, and hydroelectric projects which are destroying their habitat.