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Oh So Photogenic! Update on Point Defiance Zoo's Tiger Cubs

Twins 2

Point Defiance Zoo's male Tiger cub duo, Berani and Dumai are now 11 weeks old and weigh over 20 pounds! You can see the babies on exhibit at the Cub Den during Zoo hours. Berani is a Malayan Tiger and Dumai is a Sumatran Tiger so they are not brothers; you can read about how they came together on our ZooBorns post on October 13... and see many more pictures of the little guys too.

The world populations of Sumatran and Malayan tigers have dwindled into the low hundreds. Point Defiance is  are calling on visitors and fans to help raise $5k that will go directly to anti-poaching efforts in Southeast Asia. Learn more how you can help save these critically endangered species

Tall paw

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Photo Credit: Point Defiance Zoo