One Happy Baby Capy For Belfast Zoo
Not-so-little Bundle of Joy Bounces into Chester Zoo!

UPDATE! Tall Baby Rothschild at Chester Zoo Gets a Name


The UK's Chester Zoo welcomed a new female Rothschild Giraffe calf to their herd in late October. In case you missed it, you can read about it and see more pictures on Zooborns in our October 24 post. Now, the zoo announced that their baby giraffe has her name! She's called Kanzi, which means 'a treasure'.  And from the looks of it, she certainly is. 

The baby, who stood within the first hour of life, has certainly gotten her long legs working, and has been seen romping around the exhibit in the sun, intermittently getting nudged and nosed by the caring adults in the herd. This pure Rothschild Giraffe is the first-born for new mom Dagmar, following a 14-and-a-half-month pregnancy. Since this species is the most endangered of the nine sub-species of Giraffe, her birth is especially valuable to conservation efforts.





Photo Credit: Photo 1, Chester Zoo, Photo 2, 3, 4: Caroline Williams, Photo 5: Zoo Guest Janette McDermott