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Aida and cubs 2

Three-year-old mother Adia and her four new cubs are together in an off-view maternity den at the Woodland Park Zoo, where the family can bond in a quiet environment. Keepers have been monitoring the litter via an internal web cam and are very pleased with Adia’s maternal care and protectiveness.

As a first-time mom, she’s providing attentive care the way a good mother Lion naturally does. The cubs continue to grow and are showing positive signs of good health. The zoo's intention is to leave Mom alone as much as possible without intervening. 

As part of the exemplary animal care and health program for the zoo’s thousand-plus animals, zoo veterinarians will perform health checkups every couple of weeks for weight monitoring, vaccinations, and critical blood and fecal sampling. All four cubs have opened their eyes; each appear to be nursing well and demonstrating increased mobility. The genders of the babies are not yet known.

Watch the video below to see the newborns cubs tottering around! And Mom does something funny at the very end.


Photo Credit: Woodland Park Zoo