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An Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin calf is making waves at SeaWorld San Diego.  After a 12-month gestation period, the calf was born to a 29-year-old Dolphin named Cascade on November 5 in a behind-the-scenes pool at the marine-life park.  Trainers and veterinarians at SeaWorld report that the mother and baby are in good health and are swimming together and bonding. This birth marks Cascade’s fifth calf born at SeaWorld San Diego. 




Trainers monitor the mother and baby round-the-clock documenting respirations and nursing frequency.  The gender of the calf will be determined in the coming weeks.  The calf is estimated to weigh approximately 30 pounds.

Bottlenose Dolphins are mammals, so they give birth to live young. Mother Dolphins nurse their young with milk.  Dolphin populations are widespread, occuring throughout most of the world's temperate and tropical oceans.  At this time, most populations are stable, so Dolphins are not endangered.

Photo Credits:  SeaWorld San Diego