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Ths new baby Zebra is a female, born on October 1 at Monarto Zoo in Australia. The filly is the third youngster for Mom Kenya, and Dad Zambezi. Zebras mate year round, and after a gestation of 12-13 months, they produce one foal. This birth follows a recent string of breeding success for the zoo.

James Morrison, Ungulate Zookeeper, reported that the baby was born on exhibit, which meant lucky visitors and zookeepers alike got to see the calf come into the world and enjoy its first few hours of life. "Kenya is a seasoned mother; she's caring for her new baby well, with the filly looking healthy and strong,” James said. 

The biggest threats to Zebras are habitat loss due to ranching, and competition for water with livestock. They are also hunted for their skins. Since they are herbivores, eating mostly grasses, leaves and shrubs, one of the newer threats is climate change, which has affected the young's ability to forage for enough food to survive. Drought can force them to water holes that increase the chance of disease transmission and also make them more vulnerable to predators that find them gathered there. 

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Photo Credit: David Mattner for Monarto Zoo