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Born on October 2 at Zooz South Australia's Monarto Zoo, this female Southern White Rhinoceros baby is significant to the regional population of the species. Parents Uhura and Satara have bred successfully before, producing two male calves -- Watoto, in 2005 and, Jubari, in 2007.

“With only 20,150 Southern White Rhinoceros left in the wild, this new calf is extremely important to the region, especially considering one day she will go on to produce her own offspring,” said Zoos SA CEO, Elaine Bensted. "It’s a great achievement and very exciting not only for our Zoo SA staff but also our volunteers, members and visitors.”

This timely announcement was made by Ms. Bensted on World Animal Day to highlight the important conservation work happening on the ground at Monarto Zoo. The major threat facing Southern White Rhinoceros is poaching for their horns, which are of high value on the black market. Approximately 400 rhinos have lost their lives this year alone to this barbaric trade.

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Photo Credit: David Mattner for Monarto Zoo