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Although he was born in June, Dudley Zoo keepers got their first close-up look at their baby Red Panda during its first check up last week. 

The baby, a male, tried to hide behind a tree when keepers came to retrieve him, but he was ultimately caught, sexed, and microchipped.  After they knew the baby’s gender, keepers named him Jasper.



Jasper is the third Red Panda to be born to female Yasmin and her mate, Yang.

Red Pandas typically remain in the nest box for the first few months of life.  Dudley Zoo keepers allowed mother and baby complete privacy during this important bonding time.

Now that Jasper has emerged from the nest, he’s showing his playful side:  He peeks out of his nest box and quickly ducks back inside when someone spots him. 

Red pandas are endangered in their native Tibetan range.  In zoos, they are cooperatively managed to maintain a strong genetic diversity within the population.

Photo Credit:  Dudley Zoo