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A Miniature Donkey was born in the early hours of August 31 at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.  The female foal was the first for mother Naomi. 

“The foal’s belly and legs were still a little wet when we arrived at 7:30 in the morning,” said zoo keeper Sarah Sloan.  It didn’t take long for the little female, who is also named Sarah, to stand, walk, and nurse.  By early afternoon, the foal was delighting zoo visitors with clumsy romps around the outdoor yard while Naomi kept a close eye on her daughter.

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Photo Credits:  Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

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With the birth of a little foal, three generations of female Miniature Donkeys now live in the Indiana Family Farm exhibit, which depicts life on a traditional Midwestern farmstead.  Sarah, her mother Naomi, and Naomi’s mother Esther all live in the same stall.  Because Miniature Donkeys are very sociable creatures, this arrangement suits them just fine.

Miniature Donkeys originated on the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia, where they were used as beasts of burden.  In 1929, the first Miniature Donkeys were imported into the United States and became popular as pets.