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Bailey, WILD LIFE Sydney's Golden Brushtail Possum, may not be a very recent arrival, but he is the first of his kind to appear on ZooBorns, and we just had to share his baby pics! By March of this year, this then 6-month-old, tree-dwelling marsupial and native to Tasmania, had become the zoo's star attraction. The third Golden Brushtail Possum born at the zoo since 2008, Bailey is a testament to WILD LIFE Sydney’s successful breeding program.


Photo credit: WILD LIFE Sydney

Sydney – 7 March 2012 – WILD LIFE Sydney today introduced their newest Golden Brushtail Possum to be born at its Darling Harbour home. Adorned with huge dark eyes, a little pink nose and a bright yellow fluffy coat, Bailey – WILD LIFE Sydney’s newest resident – is settling in as the attraction’s golden child.

At six months old, Bailey has been kept under the watchful eye of WILD LIFE Sydney’s expert curatorial team, away from public viewing during the first few crucial months of her development. With the team satisfied with her progress, the public are now able to catch a glimpse of Bailey’s adorable and rare features.

“Growing into her full fluffy golden coat, Bailey has developed exceptionally well since her birth on site at WILD LIFE Sydney. Bailey’s parents arrived to the attraction in 2008 and since then we’ve witnessed three successful Golden Brushtail Possum births with Bailey being the latest baby to join our young ever-growing brood of native Australian wildlife,” said Mike Drinkwater, Life Sciences Manager, WILD LIFE Sydney.

Golden Brushtail Possums are one of Australia’s largest arboreal (tree-dwelling) marsupials yet are rarely seen in the wild, being found mostly in small pockets of Tasmania. These brightly-coloured, rare possums have been able to survive due to the lack of wild predators in Tasmania. Their unique appearance is result of low levels of melanin in their skin.

As the third Golden Brushtail Possum born at the attraction since 2008, the birth of Bailey is yet another testament to WILD LIFE Sydney’s breeding program. Bailey will join the ever-expanding group of baby Australian animals at WILD LIFE Sydney including baby koalas, Frill-Necked Lizards and quolls.