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Covered in fluffy grey hair and standing just under 12 inches (30 cm) tall, the newest additions to ZSL London Zoo’s Flamingo flock are enjoying their first dip in the big pond. Hatched just two weeks ago, the pair of Greater Flamingo chicks have so far been watching mom and dad from the sidelines, but the hot weather finally tempted them to have a paddle in the water.

Flamingos make nests by piling up mud into a mound. A single egg is laid and is incubated by both parents, who also particiapte in rearing the chick. Nicknamed Wenlock and Mandeville by keepers, as these two have hatched just in time for the Olympic Games, the cute pair won’t develop their iconic pink feathers until they’re approximately a year old, and will eventually grow to be four feet tall.  

While Flamingos seem abundant in zoos and the wild, they have become vulnerable due to human disturbance of their colonies - their nests, eggs and habitat.

Mandeville 1
Photo Credit: ZSL London