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Visitors to Marwell Wildlife enjoyed a special treat last Friday, August 17, when they witnessed the birth of a giraffe. Experienced mother Isabella went into labor at 8 a.m. and took almost four hours to give birth. The healthy calf soon found its feet and bonded with mom instantly.

John Pullen, curator of mammals at Marwell Wildlife said: “This is Isabella’s third birth. It went extremely well and Isabella took it all in stride. The public were allowed to watch the birth along with keepers and other members of staff. As soon as the calf was born we closed the house to let baby and mum bond. Isabella is doing really well and is very protective of her newborn."

Keepers cannot confirm whether the calf is a boy or a girl but a closer examination will take place in the next few days. The youngster will begin to eat solids after approximately 1 month and will be fully weaned within a year. All of the giraffes at Marwell Wildlife are on public view and can be seen at the park’s Into Africa or in The Valley field along with zebra, ostrich and waterbuck.




Photo Credit: Photo 1-2: Jason Brown Photography, Photo 3-5 Ken Dear