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Baby Armadillo at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 1

Look what just rolled into Busch Gardens Tampa - a tiny Three Banded Armadillo born to proud armadillo parents Zowie and Ollie. Born June 21, the baby was the size of a golf ball, now a month later he has grown to be the size of a tennis ball. When full grown adult Three Banded Armadillo’s are roughly the size of a softball. The youngster can be seen in Jambo Junction. 

Baby Armadillo at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 2

Below: Baby and mom, Zowie, enjoy some outdoor romping in the grass. 

Baby Armadillo at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 3

Some fun armadillo facts courtesy of Busch Gardens Tampa.

  • The gestation period for a Three Banded Armadillo is just 120 days!
  • The young will nurse for about 72 days before being weaned.
  • Baby armadillos are born blind but quickly develop the ability to walk and close their shell.
  • After 72 days baby armadillos are no longer dependent on mom and will go out on their own.