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Tiptoe Through the Meadow: Munich Zoo Hellabrunn Welcomes Three Moose Calves


Guess what's new at Tierpark Hellabrunn? They have overly-long legs, uncertain movements, ears that seem way too big and fuzzy muzzles. If you guessed Moose you guessed right! Known in Europe as Eurasian Elk, the majesty of the animals they’ll grow into, especially the bulls with their impressive antlers, is hard to see right now. However these three little Moose calves, born at the end of May at Munich Zoo, are real attention grabbers. 

After a pregnancy lasting approximately seven and a half months, Anita, a three-year-old cow, gave birth to a healthy girl called Madita on May 21. Two days later, on May 23, another cow, Merle, also age three, gave birth to twin calves in an unproblematic nighttime delivery. The male has been named Merlin and the female, Meli. The proud father of the trio is Josef, a three-year-old bull born in Bavaria.

Moose are native to North America, Europe and Asia. Their habitat is mountain meadows and forests. Moose are herbivores and live on a diet of grass, plants, bushes and saplings. Hellabrunn’s herd now comprises seven animals: Josef, Merle, Anita, Frieda (aged 2) and these three new calves.


Photo Credit: Munich Zoo Hellabrunn