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Dublin Zoo is proud to announce the birth of a Rothschild Giraffe calf. The confident female giraffe was born June 27 and joined the herd on exhibit just 3 days later.

Helen Clarke-Bennet, team leader of the African Plains said, “She is a beautiful, strong and healthy calf.  She is very confident for her age as most calves would not join the herd until a week after they are born, however she has integrated very well.  We are delighted with our new addition.”

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Photo credits: ©Patrick Bolger Photography

The Rothschild Giraffe is one of the most threatened of the nine Giraffe sub-species.  Rothschild male Giraffes grow to six metres in height and can weigh over 2000kg, fewer than 700 now live in the wild.  Their coat is a distinct mix of dark patches that are broken up by bright cream channels.  

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The youngest member of the Giraffe family is yet to be named and keepers are asking the public to provide suggestions for names based on her African origin. The keepers offered some tips on names they like to choose. They said, “We like names that are original, based on the animal’s country of origin and tell us something about the newborn.”

Name suggestions will be accepted can be submitted through Facebook www.facebook.com/dublinzoo and the in Learning & Discovery Centre at Dublin Zoo.