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On May 27 this little Lynx kitten was born at the Montreal Biodome. The baby is growing very quickly -- just this week it opened its eyes and as of today it weighs 2.5 pounds (1.135 kg). Having recently started to pad around with it's relatively big paws, the kitten is showing great curiosity about its surroundings. Its mother is very protective and keeps a careful watch over her little one. In the wild, young stay with their mothers for about nine months before they go out on their own.

Their rich, thick fur keep them warm in harsh winters and their large paws spread out to act as snowshoes. That fur causes them to be hunted for their pelts. Largely solitary animals inhabiting high-altitude forests in Europe, North America and Asia, small groups of Lynx have been known to travel and hunt together on the ground, in trees, or even by swimming to catch fish. These carnivores feed on a wide range of animals, hunting at night and steering clear of humans, so they are rarely seen. However, keepers expect this Lynx to take its place in the habitat in late July. 

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Photo Credit: Biodôme de Montréal