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After a year and a half of pregnancy, Tanda, the Tel Aviv Zoological Center's White Rhino gave birth to a beautiful, healthy male calf on June 15. Keepers were waiting for the birth to happen, as they had observed Tanda pushing a way her 4.5 year old son Tibor. When Tanda secluded herself from the rest of the rhinos on Friday morning they knew the moment they were waiting for was about to arrive.

Tanda is 20 years old (born in South Africa), and this is her third birth, and second successful one. She proved herself to be a great mom with Tibor, and she is being so again with her new calf. The calf has been named Terkel in honor of curator Dr. Amelia Terkel, who will be retiring after more than 30 years on the job.

The Tel Aviv Zoological Center White Rhinos are part of the European program for endangered species, and report they are honored to contribute to the conservation of this magnificent animal.

Mom and boo


Mom and2

Mom and 3
Photo credit: Tibot Jäger

Warning: Full birth shown in the video below. Incredible footage but perhaps not for the squeamish!