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They were born on May 7, but these Arctic Wolf pups were just seen coming out of their cave by keepers for the first time at Knuthenborg Safaripark in Denmark.

Just three puppies were spotted peeking their heads out at the edge of their den... but then came two more fuzzy little heads. "We are really happy", says Animal and Dissemination Manager for Knuthenborg Safari Park, Lisbeth Hoegh. "We had, at best, hoped for three pups, but there are five! Unusually large broods indicate a wolf-mother who works well in her role."

The Arctic Wolf is also called the Polar or White Wolf, and lives in the northernmost regions of Canada and Greenland. They are related to the Gray Wolf. They are considered endangered, due to being hunted for their beautifully colored soft pelts, among other reasons. In the wild they are very scarce, and there are even fewer in captivity. 




Photo Credit: Knuthenborg Safaripark