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Virginia Aquarium in Virginia Beach, VA is inviting you to help name its newly adopted Otter pup. On February 5th, the newborn Otter was found alone near St. George, S.C., apparently abandoned by his mother. The tiny male pup was days old when rescued. During the rescue and in subsequent stabilization period, he became dependent upon human care, so he was deemed unable to be released into the wild. He is now under the watchful care of Virginia Aquarists and thriving. You can visit the aquarium's Otter blogto check his progress and learn how you can participate in the naming of this new arrival.



Photo credits: Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center



The Otter is currently off exhibit getting adjusted to his “family” of caretakers and a new routine. He is alert, curious, playful, and sleeping through the night. He likes cuddling with his blanket, chewing on his toys, and getting wet in his small pool. He is getting adjusted to “nursery school” as his caretakers have already begun their training sessions with him. Once he consistently responds to the command of returning to the caretakers, he will be able to explore the “big boy” otter exhibit, first alone, and then later with his new friends, resident otters Tippy and Homer. 

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The otter is just over a foot long. His current weight is 8 pounds. He is fed baby formula less and less, and eats a balanced protein diet of smelt, capelin, scrambled eggs, and cottage cheese!