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Something was afoot at Mississippi's Jackson Zoo... the pitter patter of 16 little feet! Four little Red Ruffed Lemur babies were born on March 31. The litter was discovered on the morning of April first, after their birth the night before. Timmy, the father, is 27 years old, and the mother, named Moon, is 14. She and all her pups are doing very well. The genders of the babies are still unknown.

Like all lemurs, the Red Ruffed lemur is native to Madagascar. Newborns have fur and are born with eyes open. In the wild they stay in the nest as mom forages until they are about seven weeks old, when they begin to follow their parents through the treetops. These little ones at the zoo have just started to explore the outside area of their exhibit habitat. They usually become fully weaned after about four months.

Lemur babies 2012 009

Photo Credits: Jackson Zoo