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Smile on scale

Three baby River Otters - two males and one female - were born in the afternoon at California's Oakland Zoo on February 18 to mom Ginger. Each weighed approximately 5.3 oz (150 gms) at birth. The pups are nursing, starting to open their eyes and growing each day. Within a few weeks they will begin eating fish and meat. Keepers say the babies are very vocal, especially the female. 

"It is very important for baby otters to learn appropriate social behavior from their mothers, so we are happy that Ginger has been such a great mom and is raising such well-adjusted pups," said Margaret Rousser, Zoological Manager. 

The baby otters will not go out on exhibit until May as they need to reach a certain size and learn how to swim (it's not instinctual) before leaving the night house. 

CU pup

Pup trio


Photo Credit: Oakland Zoo