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This Easter peep laughs (or will when it is fully grown)! The chick is a Laughing Kookaburra, hatched on March 2 at Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo. The little bird has grown and changed quite a bit over the last 5 weeks. First time parents -- mom Jayke and dad Maverick -- have been very busy taking turns carrying insects and mice to the nest box to keep their youngster well fed. This is their first chick and it is thriving under their excellent care.

The parents are the zoo's only Kookaburras and were identified by the Species Survival Program (SSP) as among the most genetically valuable pairs in captivity. They are one of just six pairs in the United States recommended to produce offspring this year.  

In the wild, young Laughing Kookaburras often stay with the family to help raise their younger siblings. A spokesperson for the zoo said they hope that this youngster will get the chance to help its parents raise another brood soon. The photos below show the baby at one week, and again at five weeks.

Larger 1 wk

Chick smile

Photo Credit: Carmen Murach/Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo