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Something important has happened at Lee Richardson Zoo in Kansas... a baby black Goeldi's Monkey was born February 19. It's too early to tell the baby's gender. The little one's parents, Domingo and Sucre, average just 14 to 18 ounces in size to begin with, so the baby is quite tiny and can barely be seen as it clings to it's mother's upper back. 

Sucre is a first time mom but she's showing excellent maternal instincts, and will care for the baby on her own for the first two weeks before allowing the father to help. 

Goeldi’s monkeys live in the rain and mixed deciduous forests of South America’s Upper Amazon basin. This “elfin” primate powerhouse navigates it arboreal home, leaping from tree to tree, and may cover 13 feet in a single bound. Listed as Vulnerable in the wild, the species is threatened by deforestation and poaching.  


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Photo Credits: Stacy Plocher/Lee Richardson Zoo

Read more about how the Goeldi parents met after the jump.

Domingo and Sucre met through an “online dating service” coordinated by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Callimico (AKA Goeldi Monkey) Species Survival Plan.  Domingo, the proud father, came to the zoo in 2006 at the age of three from the MilwaukeeCounty Zoo. Three-year old Sucre’, (French for Sugar) arrived at LRZ from Brookfield Zooin July.

After Sucre’ completed a standard quarantine period, zoo staff began the careful process of helping the two get acquainted, and moved Domingo off exhibit to give the two some neutral territory and privacy. For Domingo it was love at first sight; Sucre was more reluctant about the arrangement, but she eventually warmed to his attentions.

Once the two were comfortable with each other, they were moved back to the rainforest exhibit, and staff has been anxiously preparing for this new arrival. Staff first observed the baby Sunday morning as they began their rounds. The family is on view in the Marie Osterbuhr Aviary.