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Turtle - Prague Zoo

Zoo Prague rang in the New Year with the hatching of six baby Leopard Tortoises. Three of the six had hatched yesterday and the remaining three emerged in time for New Year's day. The fourth largest Turtle species in the world, Leopard Tortoises can grow to be 28 inches long and weigh 120 pounds! The striking pattern on its shell gives the Leopard Tortoise it's name. While little is known about the reproduction requirements for these Tortoises, Zoo Prague were the first breeders of the species to learn that cool temperatures (between 10 and 15 degrees celsius) were needed for the initial development of their eggs.

Turtle - Prague Zoo2

Turtle - Prague Zoo3

Turtle - Prague Zoo4
Photo credit: Peter Velenský, Prague Zoo

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Turtle - Prague Zoo5

Turtle - Prague Zoo6

Turtle - Prague Zoo8

Turtle - Prague Zoo7