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Cameron Park Zoo Tiger Cub Update!


Update: The two Sumantran Tiger cubs from Cameron Park Zoo that we first wrote about HERE, made their public debut on Friday, October 28, in the tiger exhibit yard. The cubs had a trial run of their exhibit the day before, and their keeper along with zoo management felt that they could safely negotiate the tiger yard under the supervision of their keepers.

And, the cubs now have names -- the male is Bugara and the female is Indah.

For the next few weeks the goal is to have Indah and Bugara at play in the exhibit at 2:00 p.m. each afternoon. The play period will last from one to two hours depending on the cubs’ stamina. The cub’s time will also be dependent on the weather -- a temperature of 55 degrees Farenheit (12.7 Clesius) or higher -  and the willingness of the adult tigers to leave the yard and come inside so the cubs can play.

Hi step


Two cubs
Photo Credit: Cameron Park Zoo