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Now through October 30th Binder Park Zoo is asking for the community’s help to name its newest furry addition, a male Red Panda cub.   Binder Park Zoo’s animal care staff has come up with a list of five possible names for the cub. The choices and their translations are: Dagan, meaning grain of rice in Hebrew; Connolly meaning fierce in Gaelic; Reid meaning red-haired in Gaelic; Xu (pronounced “shoe”) meaning to snort in Chinese; and Di meaning younger brother in Chinese.




Photo credits: Binder Park Zoo

This Red Panda birth is another success for Red panda Conservation.  Red Pandas are listed as an endangered species and Binder Park Zoo works with the Red Panda Species Survival Plan (SSP) to ensure the captive population remains genetically strong. Delilah is 5 years old and on loan to Binder Park Zoo from the Bronx Zoo as she was genetically matched to breed with Binder’s 8 year old male, Fagen.  Currently, Flynn, Delilah’s male cub that was born at Binder Park Zoo in June of 2010, is on exhibit while Delilah and her new cub get better acquainted.

Red Pandas are found in the mountainous regions of China, Nepal, India, Bhutan, and into Tibet.  The main threats to their survival are habitat loss due to deforestation for agriculture and livestock and poaching as the red panda’s fur is still highly prized, especially for warm winter hats.   They eat a diet of bamboo leaves supplemented by fruit, but they will occasionally eat eggs and insects as well.  They are also known to invade rice farms which put them at risk for retaliation from the farmers.

Through October 30th, supporters and animal lovers alike can visit www.binderparkzoo.org and place their vote for a donation of just $1.  Vote as often as you’d like! The chosen name will be announced on November 2nd on Binder Park Zoo’s facebook page at www.facebook.com/binderparkzoo, and website at www.binderparkzoo.org

Currently, this cub is off of exhibit, getting better acquainted with his surroundings.  It is unknown if he will make an appearance before the end of the season, but Binder Park Zoo staff is hopeful guests might see him during one of the many special events planned throughout the Autumn and Winter months. 

For more information and to vote for your favorite name, please visit www.binderparkzoo.org or call 269-979-1351.