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Recently confirmed to be one male and one female, the nearly 8-week-old Sumatran Tiger cubs at Zoo Atlanta have been named Sohni (female) and Sanjiv (male).  The cubs’ sexes were determined during a veterinary checkup on August 17.

The monikers were selected by Zoo donor and former Board of Directors member Larry Westbrook, who named the cubs for his grandchildren. Sohni (SOHnee) means “beautiful,” while Sanjiv (SahnJEEV) has a number of meanings, among them “love,” “long life,” and “reviving.”

The newly-named cubs were given brief physical exams on August 17, along with their first vaccinations. Sanjiv weighed 12.25 pounds; his slightly smaller sister weighed 10.84 pounds. Sohni and Sanjiv were then returned to their mother, who continues to provide excellent care in two off-exhibit indoor dens.

Photo credits: Zoo Atlanta

Dont miss the short video below!

Guests can currently see Sohni and Sanjiv live on camera from the Tiger/Sun Bear Terrace at Zoo Atlanta, as well as on Tiger Cub Cam. Tiger Cub Cam will be available 24/7 on until the cubs make their debut in early September.