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One of Marwell Wildlife’s most majestic animals, the Arabian Oryx, has been ‘brought back from the brink of extinction’ thanks to the work of dedicated conservationists. Successful captive breeding programs and re-introduction efforts mean the species has finally qualified for a move from the Endangered category to Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. Marwell Wildlife, based in Hampshire, is home to the only breeding group of Arabian Oryx in the UK. Just last month, the park celebrated the birth of a female Arabian Oryx called Akilah.


Photo credits: Marwell Wildlife

Ian Goodwin of Marwell Wildlife is the manager of the European studbook and co-ordinator of the breeding programme. Ian, who took control of the studbook three years ago, said it was ‘good news’ and the hard work must continue. He added: “There is still a lot of work to be done, especially in Europe.“Marwell will continue to work hard to make this population thrive and encourage other collections to work with the species.”

“Our animals here, which are the only breeding group in the UK, are an important insurance policy for the future of the Arabian Oryx. “This Summer, Marwell will take on a further two females, forming the only group of Arabian Oryx in the whole of the UK.” The Arabian Oryx (Oryx leucoryx), is a species of antelope found only on the Arabian Peninsula. They are impressive creatures that are brilliantly adapted to life in the desert and can go without water for weeks on end. The species was hunted for many years causing it to become extinct. For more information about the Red List news release see the IUCN website at And for more details about the conservation work of Marwell visit