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Snow cub CU

A pouncing pair of Snow Leopard cubs recently appeared on the scene in their main enclosure at the Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, England. And they've just gotten a check up by the vets! Born in June, they are yet to be named.

Parents Suou and Irma arrived at Twycross in May 2010 as part of the international breeding program. The birth of the cubs is a significant contribution to the conservation of Snow Leopards which are currently listed as endangered.

Sharon Redrobe Twycross Zoo's Director of Life Sciences said. "I am proud and delighted at this successful first breeding at Twycross Zoo. Our animal staff have worked hard to ensure the best conditions for the snow leopards to breed and their hard work and expertise has paid off in these delightful additions to the European breeding program."

"The dad is not currently in the enclosure with them as they need to be slightly older before he is introduced to them,'she continued, "but he has been chuffing through the separating enclosure - a big cat greeting."




Two snow cubs on rocks
Photo Credit:Twycross Zoo


Threatened with extinction from extensive hunting and deforestation, the breeding program in which Twycross Zoo is involved helps raise awareness of the threats facing snow leopards in the wild. Twycross Zoo also funds the Snow Leopard Trust, which looks at the range patterns of Snow Leopards by using radio collars. The collars note positioning and time lengths, so the Trust can get a rough estimation of feeding bouts, defecation sites and sleeping dens.
The snow leopards can be adopted at Twycross Zoo through Guest Services or by calling 0844 474 1777.