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An Asian Elephant female named Rashmi was born on April 12, 2011 in Ostrava Zoo in the Czech Republic. She is the first ever elephant baby reared in Czech and Slovak zoos! Mom Joht is 44 years old and Calvin, the father, is 25 years old.

Baby Rashmi - which means "ray of light“- is very curious and self-confident, as proven by her recent efforts to start exploring the world around her. She even occasionally dares to leave her mother to go short distances when in the outdoor enclosure. Her first attempts to to hold and carry objects with her trunk is improving.



Photo Credit: Pavel Vlcek/Ostrava Zoo

One of Rashmi's favorite activities is bathing and chasing a ball. Both these toys bring Rashmi a lot of joy. She especially seems to like her pink baby pool.


"The fact, that the elephant rearing in Ostrava Zoo is succesful after almost 80 years of elephant breeding in former Czechoslovakia, is obviously a great success. It is the result of the long time effort and work of whole team of enthusiastic people, hundreds of negotiations, consultations and longlasting preparations.“ says Petr Čolas, director of Ostrava Zoo. Rashmi is the best known and most popular baby in the Czech Republicat the moment.