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Meet the as-yet-unnamed joey Koala, one of a whopping 11 baby Koalas at Australia's Dreamworld’s Wildlife Experience who are getting close to emerging from their mother's pouches . They will be the latest additions to the Koala colony there. Mom Beejay and her little 5 month old joey is featured in today’s post.

While gestation is only 34 days, the baby koala then lives in it's mother's pouch for about another 6 months, where it continues to grow to the point of making an appearance.

0099 CU crop


0132 Mom and joey

0138_CU joey and mom
Photo Credit: Dreamworld Australia

In a bid to raise awareness surrounding the plight of koalas, which is nearing extinction in the wild on the South East Queensland coast, Dreamworld has decided to canvas public opinion in the koala naming process.They are currently considering naming the koalas after global currencies like Dollar, Yen, Peso, Pound, Ruble, Yuan, Euro, Franc, Rand, Rupiah, Baht and such.

Koala Land was born out of a report that has been commissioned by Al Mucci, General Manager of Life Sciences at Dreamworld Australia. The objective of the report, which is still in progress, is to consider ways of creating a sustainable future for koalas and people on the Koala Coast, South East Queensland, Australia. The project aims to recommend ways of protecting Koalas and Koala habitats. By presenting the perfect habitat for koalas, the report will establish and illustrate what is needed to maintain existing Koala habitats and to rethink sustainable environments where humans and Koalas can live side by side. The report aims to bring together information from every possible applicable source, with statements and suggestions from specialist contributors, providing a full picture of the koala situation right now and what must be done to stop our koala from becoming extinct.