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At the end of May, four meerkat kits came into the world at Belfast Zoo in the UK.For the past four weeks, mom Fraggle has been caring for her babies in their underground burrow. But just a few days ago, the four kits emerged for the first time! They are enjoying the sunlight and beginning to explore their habitat with their parents. 

Belfast Zoo manager, Mark Challis is delighted with the new arrivals, “The meerkats are definitely one of the most popular animals in the zoo and in the past few years we have had great success with our breeding group. In fact, last year several of our meerkats were transferred to other zoos in the UK and have since gone on to have their own young.”

3 babies

With Mom

Photo Credit: Belfast Zoo

A group of meerkats is called a ‘mob’ or a ‘gang'. These new additions take the number of meerkats at the Belfast Zoo to nine. Every adult meerkat has an important role within their mob. One will always be on watch and you can often see them standing on their hind legs, propped up by their tails. This allows them to spot any potential predators and give off an alarm call to warn the rest of their gang. Other meerkats in the mob serve the group by babysitting and gathering food. 

Meerkats aren't on the endangered list as such, but play a very important role in their general habitat when in the wild.