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Baby Bongo Born at Franklin Park Zoo

First Colobus Monkey Born in Eleven Years!

Colobus CU 3818

On May 20, a male Colobus Monkey was born at the St.Louis Zoo in Missouri. His name is Mosi. This is the first Colobus to be born at the Zoo in 11 years. 

The Zoo said Tuesday that mom Roberta, 23 years old, has been an attentive mother, holding the baby with one arm when moving around and against her abdomen when at rest in the Zoo's Primate House. Mosi is very active; after only a few days in the world he was seen hopping from mom to the ground and back!

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Photo credits: Photos 1 & 2 Ethan Riepl, Photo 3 Robin Winkelman

While adults are primarily black, with white hair encircling their face and half of their tail, their babies are born with all white hair and a pink face. Infants will change color gradually until they reach adult coloration at age four to six months, eventually growing the distinctive mantle of long white hair from their shoulders and around the edge of their back -- fur that once caused them to be heavily hunted. They have also been hunted as bushmeat. As with so many primate populations, the biggest threat to their survival is hunting, capture for sale and habitat destruction.