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Newlyweds William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have already adopted a baby - this endangered Humboldt penguin named Acorn. He might have missed the wedding, but that was certainly not due to inappropriate dress!

Acorn won’t be moving into their apartment, but will stay with his 49 other penguin pals at the UK's Chester Zoo. "And hopefully, now that the happy couple are living not too far away in Anglesey, they’ll come and see little Acorn playing in his pool soon." said a Zoo spokesperson.

Acorn was the first Humboldt penguin chick to hatch this year at the Chester Zoo. Weighing just 88 grams when born, Acorn has tipped the scales at 600 grams now that he's three weeks old.


Photo Credits: Chester Zoo

Humboldt penguins are thought to be declining due to habitat loss. According to the ICUN red list, the Humbolt penguin qualifies as "Vulnerable". Adoption is a great way to help Humboldt penguins, or other endangered animals, through programs like the ones available through Chester Zoo.