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A baby giraffe joined Reticulated Giraffe parents Diamond and Casper at the Jackson Zoo in Jackson, Mississippi. Reticulated Giraffes have large brown spots separated by cream-colored lines, the males' color being darker than females. This female, who is not yet named, was born on Sunday night, May 2, 2011, measuring 5'8" tall and weighing 120 pounds. 

Jack Zoo Raff feeding 1st day

Zoo vet, Dr. Holifield, discovered an issue with the tendon of her right front hoof and as a precaution took corrective measures, wrapping that leg in tape and a special sock to help her stand. 

Jackson Zoo raff tendon sock w vet

She was expected to make a quick recovery and she did. She went outside on exhibit yesterday, May 9, at eight days old. Here she is, enjoying the sunshine!


Photo credits: First and last photos by Jackson Zoo, 2nd and 3rd by David Wetzel

Giraffes are native only to Africa, living on the dry savannas south of the Saraha Desert. Today, though they are still considered unendangered, they have all but disappeared from most of the West African and Kalahari range.