Los Angeles Zoo is Bursting with Babies!
Bottle-feeding a Baby Mara

Checking in on Linton Zoo's Turkmenian Eagle Owlets


Linton Zoo’s Turkmenian Eagle Owlets are growing up fast. Igor, Yelena and Misha the Turkmenian Eagle Owlets weighed just 50g at hatching, they are now tipping the scales at over 1200g each, quite a difference in just 4 weeks! These 3 bundles of fluff hatched in mid March but were rejected by their inexperienced mother and so were removed for hand-rearing.



Photo credits: Linton Zoo

The Turkmenian Eagle owl is one of the largest and most spectacular owls in the world eventually reaching around 4.5 kg and is closely related to the large European Eagle owl. Sadly though, it is believed to now be extinct in its original wild range around Turkmenistan, there are also very few in captivity so these three Easter chicks are very important individuals, although they may not realise it! Both parents of these special birds were also hatched at Linton Zoo, their dad “Pip” is 22 years old this year and mum “Rohan” is now 4.