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Polar Bear Cub Meets the Snow

Polar Bear cub waves hello at Aalborg Zoo 1

Just in from the ZooBorns Breaking News Desk: little Polar Bear cub loves snow! So maybe this is not a revelation, but it's certainly fun to watch. The Aalborg Zoo's little Polar Bear cub is having a grand old time enjoying the Danish snow. At 3 months old, the cub spends a lot of time playing with mom Malik and biting everything it finds interesting, particularly mom's paws. 

Portrait of a Polar Bear as a Young Cub

Polar Bear cub licks in the snow 3

Polar Bear cub relaxing on mom at Aalborg Zoo 6Photo credits: Sussi Køber / Aalborg Zoo


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Polar Bear cub gets a kiss from mom at Aalborg Zoo 5

Polar Bear cub maxing and also relaxing at Aalborg Zoo 4

Polar bear cub powdering nose at Aalborg Zoo 2

Portrait of a Polar Bear nestles near mom at Aalborg Zoo