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On February 6th, The Natural Science Center of Greensboro, North Carolina, welcomed three endangered Maned Wolf Pups. The Center's breeding pair Lana and Nazca are part of the Association of Zoos and Aquarium's Maned Wolf Species Survival Plan (SSP). You can visit the NSC's Maned Wolf blog to follow the progress of these cubs and to learn more about how you can help this species in the wild. Two of the pups, Vincent and Bonita, were named. The NSC is now holding a contest to name the third pup. Entries are accepted in person only, and we'll keep you posted on the winning name.  The choices are below the fold along with many more adorable photos of the pups.




The four names visitors can vote on include:

Chiquita - means "little gift" or "little girl" in Spanish.
Wila (pronounced wee-lah) - means "red" in an indigenous South American language, means "faith or loyal" in Hawaiian, means "woman" in Australian Aboriginal
Malina - means "honey" in Greek, means "peace" in Hawaiian, means "tower" in Hebrew
Kulina (pronounced kooleenah) - is the name of an indigenous people from Brazil and Peru. Music is a strong part of their culture.

Visitors of any age can cast their vote(s) in the contest. Contest jars with each of the four names will be set up in the NSC's lobby area for voting starting Wednesday. Each vote is $1. Anyone can vote more than once and for multiple names out of the four name choices.

The other two pups, one male and one female were named in recent weeks. The male pup has been named "Vincent" by the Brooks Family who is the sponsor of the maned wolf exhibit at the Natural Science Center. This name was chosen because his birth occurred on SuperBowl Sunday. One of the female pups has been named "Bonita" by the NSC staff which means pretty in Spanish tying in the origin of maned wolf species to South America.



The cub yet to be named (above)