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Royalty Born at San Diego Zoo!


On February 8, the San Diego Zoo welcomed a tiny male Royal Antelope calf, weighing just 17 ounces! The decision was made to hand-feed the calf after it displayed a low body temperarture and wasn't feeding shortly after birth. The nipple on the calf's baby bottle had to be specially made to fit his tiny antelope mouth. In April, 2003 San Diego became the first zoo in the Western Hemisphere to have a Royal Antelope birth. These shy nocturnal Antelope are the smallest Antelope species, measuring just 10-12 inches high and weighing only 9-10 pounds when fully grown.

Royal Antelope SD Zoo4

Royal Antelope SD Zoo3

Royal Antelope SD Zoo2

Royal Antelope SD Zoo

Royal Antelope SD Zoo5
Photo credits: San Diego Zoo