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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo announced the birth of a baby Francois’ Langur on January 25, 2011. Just like human infants, baby primates can often be demanding little bundles of joy, as evidenced in these pictures. The sex of the baby is yet to be determined, but the noisy little orange furball is currently on exhibit in The RainForest with mother Petunia, father Ike and brother Maynard, who was born in April 2009. Lucky for mom, two other adult females in the Zoo’s Langur group -- Mei Mei and Leilu -- share in the parenting duties as they would in the wild.



Photo credits: Cleveland MetroParks Zoo

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The baby is the second offspring of 13-year-old Ike and 11-year-old Petunia, both born at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. The pair was recommended for breeding by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums'Species Survival Plan.

Baby Francois' Langurs have bright orange fur in contrast to the silky black coat of adults. The Zoo’s Langur infant is often seen clinging to his mom or nursing. 

Francois' Langurs are native to Vietnam, southeastern China and Laos. They are arboreal leaf-eaters with very long tails that live in groups of three to 12 individuals with a single adult male. Francois' Langurs are endangered due to habitat loss and illegal hunting. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is one of just about a dozen zoos across the country to participate in the Francois' Langur breeding program.