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Baby Anteater Clings Tight to the Mom-Mobile

Baby Anteater enjoys the mom-mobile at the San Francisco Zoo 2

For the first time in 10 years the San Francisco Zoo has welcomed a baby Giant Anteater. Mom proudly carried her youngster into the exhibit this past Thursday for the public and press. The infant was born on December 22, 2010 and has been bonding with its mother over the last four weeks. Both mom and infant are doing extremely well and the two will spend the next few months in the front yard area, until the baby is more independent. The sex of the infant is not yet known. Growing up to 7 feet long, Giant Anteaters are solitary animals that roam through Central and South America. They are vulnerable to extinction due to habitat destruction.

Baby Anteater lazily holds on for a ride 2

Baby Anteater close-up at the San Francisco Zoo 2Photo credits: First and second photo - Marianne Hale. Third photo - Eric Krussman

Ten (10!!!) African Wild Dog Puppies Born at Brookfield Zoo


Now that's a fine litter! The Chicago Zoological Society, which manages the Brookfield Zoo, proudly announced the birth of not one, not two, but TEN African Wild Dog puppies. This pile of pups was only the third (and final) litter of African Wild Dogs to be born in North American zoos in 2010. Today veterinarians performed physicals and vaccinations on the pups. African Wild Dogs are endangered in the wild due to human encroachment, diseases transmitted from domestic dogs, snaring and poisoning. “This litter is critically important to the managed population of African wild dogs in North America. We are excited about the role the puppies will play in inspiring a connection between our guests and these incredible animals, as well as communicating the plight of these dogs’ counterparts in the wild,” said Amy Roberts, curator of mammals for the Chicago Zoological Society.




All photo and video credits: Chicago Zoological Society

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Walk Like a Rare Egyptian Tortoise

A handful of Egyptian Tortoise hatchlings

The Woodland Park Zoo is going to great lengths to help protect a tiny little tortoise. Critically endangered in the wild, the Egyptian Tortoise is the smallest tortoise in the Northern Hemisphere and, despite it's name, is now extinct in Egypt. Habitat destruction, human encroachment, and poaching for the pet trade continue to threaten small remaining wild population in Libya. Luckily, the Woodland Park Zoo in concert with the Egyptian Tortoise Conservation Program helps address these challenges in part by working closely with the Beduoin community, empowering them to patrol for wildlife collectors. Learn more about what Woodland Park Zoo is doing on their blog. Don't miss the great video set to a snappy tune below.

Egyptian Tortoise hatchlings strike a pose at Woodland Park Zoo

Egyptian Tortoise hatchlings read palms! Who knew

Photo and video credits: Ryan Hawk / Woodland Park Zoo

Squirrelly Pups Pop-up at Zoo Basel

African Ground Squirrel pup nibbling at Zoo Basel

Born October 18 at Switzerland's Zoo Basel, three baby African Ground Squirrels are already living up to their squirrelly reputation as keepers struggle to prepare them for transport to their new home at the Frankfurt Zoo. Together with their parents, they have built an elaborate series of underground tunnels beneath their enclosure. When they are alarmed, they quickly dart back into their tunnels making it impossible for keepers to reach them. 

While the sex of the squirrel pups has yet to be determined, they all appear happy and healthy. One of the pups is smaller and shyer than the rest, but keepers have made a special effort to feed him or her individually, and the frenetic critter is doing just fine.

The three Ground Squirrel pups set out looking for adventure

African Ground Squirrel pups rough-housing at Zoo Basel

Supper time with the African Ground Squirrel family

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Too Big for the Pouch, but Perfect as a Backpack

Owen the Koala clings to mom at the Riverbanks Zoo 2

Too big for mom's pouch, Baby Koala Owen has finally emerged for visitiors at the Koala Knockabout exhibit at the Riverbanks Zoo. Born to mom Lottie back in May, Owen started out as a jellybean-sized joey nestled deep within mom's pouch, but has since grown to a perfect Koala-sized backpack. For the most part, Australian animals in non-Australian zoos are rare and the Riverbanks Zoo was lucky to receive Lottie from South Carolina's sister Australian state of Queensland in 2003. In the early 20th Century, Koalas were almost hunted to extinction for their fur, which was exported to Europe and North America. Today, anyone who even thinks of buying a Koala fur jacket should probably be slapped, or at the very least, de-friended on Facebook.

Owen the Koala clings to mom at the Riverbanks Zoo 2

Owen the Koala clings to mom at the Riverbanks Zoo 2

Owen the Koala clings to mom Lottie at the Riverbanks ZooPhoto credits: Richard Rokes / Riverbanks Zoo

National Zoo's Lion Cubs Challenge Dad!


The National Zoo's Lion pride is getting down to the business of playing rough. Keepers at the Smithsonian Zoo are gradually introducing their seven lion cubs (born to two different lionesses in late August and September) to their outdoor exhibit. When first introduced to to the rest of the pride, Lion cubs typically lack confidence around adults other than their mothers. Eventually, they begin "play" stalking and even challenging other adults within the pride. This activity prepares Lions in the wild for hunting.


Photo credits: Alex Yates

Wobbling Wood Partridge Babies!


The Minnesota Zoo welcomed its first babies of 2011 when two Crested Wood Partridge chicks or “roul roul” hatched on January 5. The Zoo is one of the most successful zoos in the United States for breeding/raising crested Wood Partridges. To ensure their health and safety, the tiny chicks are being cared for behind-the-scenes by the Zoo’s aviary staff. The chicks, which weighed approximately 12 grams at hatching, are continually gaining weight. Zoo keepers do not yet know the sex of the chicks. Since 1978 when the Minnesota Zoo opened, it has welcomed 234 chicks.

Photo credits: Minnesota Zoo

Blue Faced, Snubby Nosed, Golden Haired Babies!

Baby Golden Snub Nosed Monkey clings to mom at Everland Zoo

In the wild, Golden Snub Nosed Monkeys spend 97% of their time in the trees and live in widely ranging social units from just five individuals to over six hundred! These Old World monkeys live primarily off lichen. Unfortunately loggers in China remove the dead trees that produce the tastiest and most abundant lichens, steadily destroying this beautiful primate's habitat. These pictures were taken at Korea's Everland Zoo by In Cherl Kim this past November and December.

Baby Snub Nosed Monkey steps out at Everland Zoo

Baby Snub Nosed Monkey steps out at Everland Zoo

Photo credits: Everland Zoo / In Cherl Kim

Meet Moto the L'Hoest's Monkey...


Photographer peterdc8 caught these compelling photos of Moto, Colchester Zoo's year-old L'Hoest's Monkey over the weekend. The name 'Moto' means fire in Swahili. As evidenced by these photos of Moto eating veggies, the L'Hoest diet is primarily herbivore, although L'Hoests are also known to eat eggs, lizards, and small birds. These charismatic monkeys are listed as vulnerable to extinction by the IUCN.


Photo credits: peterdc8