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Baby Anteater Clings Tight to the Mom-Mobile

Baby Anteater enjoys the mom-mobile at the San Francisco Zoo 2

For the first time in 10 years the San Francisco Zoo has welcomed a baby Giant Anteater. Mom proudly carried her youngster into the exhibit this past Thursday for the public and press. The infant was born on December 22, 2010 and has been bonding with its mother over the last four weeks. Both mom and infant are doing extremely well and the two will spend the next few months in the front yard area, until the baby is more independent. The sex of the infant is not yet known. Growing up to 7 feet long, Giant Anteaters are solitary animals that roam through Central and South America. They are vulnerable to extinction due to habitat destruction.

Baby Anteater lazily holds on for a ride 2

Baby Anteater close-up at the San Francisco Zoo 2Photo credits: First and second photo - Marianne Hale. Third photo - Eric Krussman