Critically Endangered Little Leopard
"Brave and Feisty" Cougar Cub Debuts in Oregon

Teething Tiger Twins in San Diego!

Two female Sumatran Tiger cubs at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park showed off their new pearly whites on Friday Nov. 5th. Born on Oct. 5, the 10- and 9-pound cubs are being acclimated to human interaction in anticipation of vaccines or other necessary veterinary care. It also allows keepers to check if the cubs are teething. Keepers discovered the cubs' canines are now emerging. The cubs are described as clumsy on their feet, which is typical for cubs of this age..

Photo credit: Ken Bohn / San Diego Zoo Safari Park


Keepers expect them to be more agile and be ready to explore the outdoors in mid-January. Sumatran tigers are a critically endangered species, with only about 400 cats left worldwide. The Park is currently home to seven Sumatran tigers, but 23 have been born here. The Safari Park is raising funds to build a forested tiger haven that will offer up-close views of these fascinating felines and other wildlife as well as highlight conservation efforts. For more information visit